Boost your reach and expand your digital presence

  • Use short links to share important information and updates on social media, in email campaigns, or via SMS campaigns.
  • Personalize QR Codes to grow your digital footprint in the physical world, driving more interaction and connection wherever your audience may be.
  • Direct your links and codes to personalized landing pages and make it easy to share your content or services for maximum visibility.
Summer sale short link, QR Code and Bitly Pages UI

Create more consistent, memorable brand experiences

  • Stand out from the crowd. Use custom branded links to create familiarity with your audience and establish a consistent brand identity.
  • It’s all about building trust with your audience—when customers feel confident in your branded links and know they’re from you, they’re more inclined to click.
  • Customize your QR Codes and landing pages to reflect your brand identity by incorporating your logo, brand colors, and more. Capture the attention of your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Get powerful analytics whenever you need them

  • Use real-time data and analytics to make decisions about the best placement for your QR Codes and short links.
  • With customizable charts, flexible visuals, and downloadable data, you can easily review and analyze your campaign performance.
  • You can view aggregate engagement data across every link or code created within the Connections Platform, or drill down to see specific data for each click or scan.
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The Bitly Connections Platform

Use our URL shortener, QR Codes, and landing pages to engage your audience and connect them to the right information. Build, edit, and track it all in the Bitly Connections Platform.

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A comprehensive solution to help make every point of connection between your content and your audience more powerful.

Popular URL Shortening Features

  • URL shortening at scale
  • Custom links with your brand
  • URL redirects
  • Advanced analytics & tracking

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QR code options and sample of colors available
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QR Code solutions for every customer, business and brand experience.

Popular QR Code Features

  • Fully customizable QR Codes
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • QR Code types & destination options
  • Advanced analytics & tracking

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Various samples of Bitly Landing Pages
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Bitly Pages helps you create engaging, mobile-optimized landing pages in minutes.

Popular Landing Page Features

  • Custom URLs for social media
  • Customizable landing page
  • Easy-to-manage links
  • Link and landing page tracking

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