Introducing Bitly OneView: All Your Marketing Channels. All Your Teams. One View.

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Since 2008, Bitly has hyper-focused on the power of the link. We work to turn every link into an opportunity to measure, optimize, and own the customer experience. Today we are excited to announce the rollout of Bitly OneView as part of a major platform revamp of Bitly Enterprise. In the next few weeks, Bitly OneView will allow all Enterprise users to optimize every link into a responsive, trackable marketing asset and display the data from each link in customizable dashboards.

As part of Bitly OneView, we’re also introducing Brand Manager, a tool that allows you to monitor different brands, teams, reps, and more from one central account. With Brand Manager, everyone can access the data they need without having to consult a complicated analytics system.

As marketers and their organizations become more data-driven, marketing stacks have gotten more complicated than ever. This complexity comes at a cost: More than three-quarters (79%) of business and IT leaders say that they haven’t been able to integrate different data sources across the organization. Marketers are spending more than three hours on average every week just analyzing data from different sources.

Then, there’s the opportunity cost. When you can’t see your customer’s experience, you don’t know where you need to improve.

We know businesses don’t need another CRM to build into their workflow or another complicated platform to learn. Instead, teams need something that can integrate with their existing workflow and toolsets. Something that can take what you have and make it even more powerful.


Bitly OneView allows teams to:

  • Measure cross-channel campaigns easily and quickly

Track and compare the customer experience across digital ads, offline ads, social media, influencers and partners, email, SMS, and display from one dashboard to inform future content, campaigns, and product launches.

  • Bridge silos by streamlining metrics across teams, brands, and franchises

With Brand Manager, you can monitor dozens of brands at once to track micro and macro performance in different regions, departments, and product lines.

Brand Manager

  • Import bulk links and generate UTM parameters automatically

Import all your tracking links from disparate data sources and generates UTM codes with the click of a button. So instead of looking at a spreadsheet all day, you can easily manage and measure all of your links in one place.

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A Cross-Channel Unit of Measurement

“With all the content nowadays, it’s easy to get lost in a spreadsheet. Bitly OneView allows us to see what kinds of content work on work on what channel, which channels we should be investing in the most, and what we need to do to optimize our content.” —Keegan Fong, Media Marketing Manager, Vissla

Wherever you use a link, Bitly OneView can help you and your team own the customer experience by measuring it and seeing what’s really happening at every touchpoint.

Marketers have multichannel campaigns. They have multichannel data. Now, they can simplify and streamline the metrics behind it all.